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Captive and Independent Agents: Whats the Difference?

When working with a life insurance advisor it is important to know which carriers and what types of policies that advisor has access to. Captive Agents are those who only have access to one carrier’s family of policies. They are unable to shop around other carriers outside of their individual company, thus limiting options they can provide. Their policies typically have a one size fits all approach that may not be tailorable to necessarily fit your situation as best as possible. They tailor their policies for the masses, not the individual, they are “good enough.”

An Independent Agent, a.k.a. a broker, is not bound to one specific company and has access to multiple carriers and policy options—sometimes upwards of 30 or more carriers. This access allows the broker to truly shop and customize what plan would be the best fit for you and your situation. In addition, an Independent Agent’s focus is on serving the client and matching them with the best policy, not meeting a specific company’s quotas. Instead of good enough, you now can get a “perfect fit.”

If you choose to sit with a local broker, they are typically licensed in one to four states and have access to three to five companies’ policies. This usually means they are a newer broker that is still learning and gaining experience. On the other hand, you can speak with a nationally licensed broker that is contracted with over 15 companies, like myself, that has experience helping thousands of families find the best protection, and I can do it over zoom, a phone call, whatever you would prefer. I make the process easy, efficient, and most importantly I respect YOUR time.

If you are interested, look at some quotes on my website and sign up for a quick advisor session. I look forward to serving you and your family.

How Burial and Final Expense Plans Work

Burial policies work like this…

-Monthly Premiums Can Never Increase
-Death Benefits are Guaranteed to Never Decrease
-Policy Cannot Expire at Any Age
-No Physical or Medical Exam Necessary as Part of the Application

As you can see, these are incredibly simple to understand. There is no fine print you need to be leery of.

Life insurance is a contract that stipulates the insurer will pay out the prescribed death benefit upon the passing of the insured. Basically, once you pass away, your burial policy will result in the insurer cutting a tax-free check directly to your beneficiary(ies). This will give them the money to pay for your final expenses. There are no stipulations or restrictions on how the money is to be used. These burial life policies merely pay out cold, hard cash.

The good news is that every funeral home in America will accept cash, so the fact that they simply payout money is a very good thing. If there are any proceeds leftover after all the final expenses have been paid, that money will simply stay with your family to enrich their lives as they see fit. Very often, life insurance plans owned by seniors result in a leftover financial legacy.


We Specialize in Burial Insurance.

The most important thing to understand is that burial insurance is a life insurance policy. It is an extremely specific type of life insurance. The people who buy these policies do so to ensure their end-of-life expenses will not become a burden to their loved ones. To be more specific, burial insurance plans are whole life insurance. Like life insurance for kids, burial policies are always whole life plans; the way they work is incredibly simple.

We Specialize in Serving You

At Family First Life Connect, every Insurance Advisors’ obligation is to make sure you are
provided with the best options for the proper insurance and protections for your family and loved
ones. Proper insurance and burial insurance, for example, is the last love letter you send to your
loved ones, leaving them with a lasting legacy, free of complication.

Family First Life Connect takes our responsibility seriously, treating you and yours with the
utmost importance, care, and compassion. From the initial call, through the getting-to-know-you
process, and onto finalizing a protection policy – we’ll be right there with you. Once you become
a client, we also make sure you are always in the best policy, FOR LIFE.

Introduction From Greg of FFL Connect

Get Affordable Peace of Mind Today

Close to half (46%) of U.S. adult consumers do not own their own life insurance policy. For those that do have coverage, over half are underinsured or do not fully understand the policy they have. I have sat with hundreds of families that waited until their senior ages to get any type of life insurance. Even while I was helping them find a plan that fit them, they were hesitant. However, once I had helped them, I could visibly see the weight lift off their shoulders and that peace of mind set in. Their families were so thankful that it has been taken care of.

Anytime is a great time to buy yourself a life insurance policy, it is known as the “Last Love Letter” to your family. It leaves a legacy to your family and loved ones the day you die and it is something they will remember you by. Do NOT wait to get the proper coverage, let us serve you and your family at Family First Life Connect.