Understanding the Impact of Pre-Existing Conditions on Your Life Insurance Coverage

In the modern economy, buying life insurance is a fast and easy process. Also, thanks to healthy competition, you can find affordable rates.  For individuals who are generally healthy and don’t smoke, you can usually find a $1 million policy (or higher) with an affordable monthly premium. However, if you are trying to purchase life…
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Best Life Insurance after Cancer

Purchasing Life Insurance As A Cancer Survivor

Throughout my time helping clients, I have come across clients that had beat cancer and they wanted to get protection because they understood the value of life insurance from their experience with it. As with any medical condition, each insurance carrier views cancer differently and may approve depending on the conditions. This article details all…
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Employer Life Insurance not enough

Why Employer Provided Life Insurance Is Not Enough

Some of us are lucky enough to have careers or employers that provide a large life insurance policy while in their employment. I was lucky enough to have the SGLI while I served in the Army. These policies are known as Group Life Insurance Policies. What that basically means is the employer is covering the majority…
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Diabetic Life Insurance

Purchasing Life Insurance When You Are Diabetic

Throughout my time helping clients, I have come across many diabetic clients that falsely believed they could not get life insurance, and if they did, it would be at a such a high premium that it would be unaffordable. That is simply not true. There are over 34 million Americans that are diagnosed with diabetes…
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What is a Beneficiary?

What is it about life insurance and burial insurance that makes people’s eyes glaze over? We think we have part of the answer, in that the jargon and language around life insurance is really unfortunate. Take the word “beneficiary.” It sounds like Latin or some kind of financial jargon. But the beneficiaries are the most…
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Best A Rated Insurance Carriers

What Happens If My Insurance Company Goes Bankrupt

The age old question, “what if the company goes bankrupt….then what?” is one of the most asked questions I get from clients when I help them find the best policy for their situation. I completely understand worrying about losing all of your money to a company that closes its doors if something were to happen.…
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Best Final Expense Policies

5 Best Final Expense Policies

When looking for the best final expense protection plans for you there are a few factors you want to take into consideration: cost, payout period, additional benefits, AM Best rating, and underwriting guidelines. In this article I will review some of the top companies and rank their protection programs based off these metrics and give…
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Best Mortgage Protection Policies

5 Best Mortgage Protection Policies

When selecting a mortgage protection policy for yourself, it is all about the overall value! Mortgage protection policies stand apart by the living benefits added to the policy for no additional charge (for more details on living benefits, click here). Therefore, it is important to review the living benefits and other add-ons the policy has…
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mortgage protection

Does my Lender Provide This Mortgage Protection?

After helping countless families with finding mortgage protection policies to protect their homes in case the worst day happens, I have come across a handful of questions that are asked consistently. One of those questions is “does my lender provide this coverage” or “I thought my lender already gave me this coverage, right”. Ultimately the…
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Best Types of Life Insurance Policies for Veterans

Whether you’re a veteran that just retired and are now losing your SGLI or you’ve been out of the service for many years and your VGLI is rising in cost, looking at a commercial life insurance policy is a great way to ensure your family is taken care of the day you pass away. This…
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