What is a Beneficiary?

What is it about life insurance and burial insurance that makes people’s eyes glaze over?

We think we have part of the answer, in that the jargon and language around life insurance is really unfortunate.

Take the word “beneficiary.” It sounds like Latin or some kind of financial jargon. But the beneficiaries are the most important part of any life insurance contract. We know that, and so do most of our clients.

Changing the Tune

To really understand the value of life insurance, let’s try changing the word “beneficiary” to something simple.



Son. Daughter.

You can see just at a glance how this changes the way that you view what you’re talking about – you get a new perspective on policies, procedures and enrollment. That’s because we’re talking about the real world here, and not creating legalese documents.

Your beneficiaries are the people who you love most. You’re creating this for them as a protection and a blessing, the same way that you do while you’re alive, with practical moves to keep them safe every day.

We really feel this is a key way to look at life insurance as a whole. Too often, it just gets boiled down to some kind of paper contract that people feel is essentially useless or tedious, and not worth their time. But again, changing the language changes the perspective, too.

Getting the Right Policies

We are a veteran-owned business offering instant quotes and more, and working in communities like yours to help families to become protected for anything they face in life. We can help to explain to you how this business works: for example, many of our clients need some advice on choosing either whole life or term life policies, or evaluating annuities, or figuring out financial thresholds. A policy should be tailored to a family; it shouldn’t just be a boilerplate solution.

Take a few moments to look over the site. You’ll see more about choosing the right policy for your family, and how it works. Contact us and we will walk you through the realities of the industry, showing you all of the options that are available so that you can make an informed choice. Choose from various top carriers – get specific burial insurance – and benefit from working with a company that cares! At Family First Life Connect, we want to change the game in ways that help our clients to get competitive rates and benefits in a life insurance contract. We’re waiting to meet your family.